Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe

Working groups

WG1 – Sewage biomarkers analysis: methods and technology

Will focus on the methods and technology required to deliver high quality quantitative data.

WG2 – Innovative techniques for community health assessment

The main aim of WG2 is to verify the potential of sewage analysis for (i) the assessment of community health and health risk prediction through the analysis of health biomarkers (e.g. protein and DNA biomarkers of cancer) (ii) nutritional biomarkers and (iii) the assessment of collective exposure to environmental stressors such as environmental and food toxicants.

WG3 – Integration with epidemiology and social sciences

WG3 will integrate sewage data with other available metrics. There is huge potential for sewage to provide the answers to many as yet unanswered questions and a key objective of this WG will be to bring the necessary scientists together.