Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe


WG2. Innovative techniques for community health assessment

The main aim of WG2 is to verify the potential of sewage analysis for (i) the assessment of community health and health risk prediction through the analysis of health biomarkers (e.g. protein and DNA biomarkers of cancer) (ii) nutritional biomarkers and (iii) the assessment of collective exposure to environmental stressors such as environmental and food toxicants. WG2 will also manage the Europe-wide application of the biomarker technology based on the best-practice identified in WG1 and the needs of WG3. This highly exploratory WG will focus on the identification of new specific biomarkers for environment, health, lifestyle and dietary factors drawing from current knowledge in the area of molecular epidemiology and clinical studies. The emphasis will be put on identification of both biomarkers of exposure (e.g. carcinogens and their metabolites) and biomarkers of effects (e.g. DNA adducts, proteins) in order to provide comprehensive infomation on community-wide health and improved risk assessment with the ultimate goal of disease prevention. Such an approach can lead to: an increase in the accuracy of exposure estimation; prediction of disease outcome and identification of susceptibility factors.

Alexander van Nuijs and Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern