Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe


WG1 – Sewage biomarkers analysis: methods and technology

Will focus on the methods and technology required to deliver high quality quantitative data. This is pivotal to obtain accurate data at the community level. One of the first tasks of WG1 will be to develop and distribute a best-practice guide for performing sewage studies based upon a common protocol that is already being used within the SCORE network. This will cover all types and scales of sewage studies and ensure comparable and high level data at all levels of application, no matter how experienced the practitioner. The protocol will cover all aspects of the approach, including how to characterize sewer networks, evaluate the type of sampling being performed and how it should be performed, sample storage, the best way to estimate the population under investigation, the most appropriate analytical methods to be used and the correct backcalculation methods to be used.

Lubertus Bijlsma and Pim de Voogt

 Report of the first Working group meeting in Malta 2014