Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe


Below you can find the summary reports for all short-term scientific missions completed. For a short summary please use the template provided here


Carmen Fernández López – “Biodegradation of two pharmaceutical compounds in activated sludge”

Ivona Krizman Matasić – “Screening of new psychoactive substances in Croatian wastewater by LC-QTOF-MS”

Borja Garlito Molina – “Comparison of acquisition modes in GC coupled to Orbitrap high resolution
mass spectrometry”

Emma Gracia Lor – “Application of wastewater-based epidemiology to evaluate population exposure to mycotoxins”


Susana Maria dos Santos Sadler Simões – “Monitoring the consumption of new psychoactive substances by the analysis of urine and wastewater samples”

Foon Yin Lai – “Assessing population exposure to tobacco-specific toxicants and carcinogens: an approach of wastewater-based epidemiology using liquid chromatography-tandem massspectrometry (LC-MS/MS)”

Katerina Lympoush – “Assessment of tobacco exposures in wastewater samples from Athens”

Katarzyna Styszko – “Enantiomeric pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs occurrence in wastewater and surface waters – Krakow agglomeration case study”

Dr. Ivan Senta – “Determination of urinary biomarkers of alcohol and tobacco in wastewater of the City of Split (Croatia) during a music festival and tourist season”

Benigno José Sieira Nóvoa – “Stability of selected industrial chemical biomarkers in water”

Eric Carmona Martínez – “Determination of emerging pollutants in biota affected by the effluents from sewage treatment”

Alberto Celma Tirado – “Monitoring the consumption of new psychoactive substances in Norwegian music 
festivals by the analysis of urine and wastewater.” 

Ruben Gil Solsona – “UHPLC-IM-HRMS-based metabolomics for discovering in smoke common biomarkers for herbs used in ‘spice ‘.

Arndís Sue Ching Löve – “Illicit drug use in the Nordic countries by wastewater analysis”

Juliet Kinyua – “Biotransformation of new psychoactive substance-paramethoxymethamphetamine in sewage”

Francesco Riva – “Collect pooled urine samples from a Norwegian music festival in Oslo in order to analyse new psychoactive substances (NPS)”

Ricardo Manuel Campinho Capela – “Development of sewage biomarkers associated with endocrine disrupting chemicals”


Adrian Covaci – “Investigation of GCxGC-TOFMS for the identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals and emerging pollutants in fractionated and no-fractionated sewage extracts.”

Matthias Onghena – “Identification of plastic additives as emerging contaminants in wastewaters”

Iria González Mariño – “Determination of cannabinoid and synthetic cannabinoid metabolites in wastewater by liquid-liquid extraction and ultra performance converge chromatography”

Miquel Santos – “Development of sewage biomarkers focusing on human exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and emerging pollutants”

Carlos Sales – “Development of novel analytical methodologies to determine BFRs in environmental samples”.

Prof. Abidelfatah Nasser – “Antibiotic in sewage and bacteria resistance

Maria Dolores Camacho-Muñoz – “Enantioseparation of pharmacologically active compounds by supercritical fluid chromatography”


Dr Bram Miserez – “Metabolism of the new psychoactive substance 3-fluorophenmetrazine”.

Dr. Georgia Gatidou – “Estimation of illicit drugs consumption among different groups of population”.

Frederic Béen – “Screening of new psychoactive substances in Swiss wastewaters by high-resolution mass spectrometry”

Richard Bade – “The use of advanced software in the non-target analysis of wastewater”

Dr. Lubertus Bijlsma – “Evaluation of data sets 2011-2014 from a European-wide monitoring campaign

Dr. Alexander L.N. van Nuijs – “Evaluation of data sets 2011-2014 from a European-wide monitoring campaign

Jose Antonio Baz Lomba – “Non-target analysis: defining a criteria for nps suspect list