Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe


Here you can find links to meetings that are foreseen and also the minutes and any additional info for meetings that were held


Testing the Waters 2017, 26-27 October, Lisbon, Portugal

5th MC meeting, 25th of October 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Third Core Group meeting, 16th and 17th January 2017, Oslo, Norway


4th MC meeting, 31th of October 2016, Munich, Germany.

Workgroup meetings 31th October 2016 to 1st November, Munich, Germany.

dissemination: German Addiction Congress 2016 – Berlin, 5-7 september 2016

Second Core group meeting 19th of january


3rd MC meeting, 16th of October, Zurich, Switzerland

Workgroup meetings,  13-14 October 2015, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland.

2nd international conference on “wastewater-based drug epidemiology” 11-15 october 2015,  Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland

dissemination: Lisbon ADDICTIONS Conference 2015 – Lisbon, 23-25 September 2015

dissemination:41st Annual Alcohol Epidemiology Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society

Second Training school 29-30 april 2015 Castellón, Spain

First Core group meeting 21th of january 


2nd MC meeting Malta 29th of October

First Workgroup meetings Malta 27-28 October

First training School Milan 17-18 september: Program and hyperlinks to presentations held  (PDF)

dissemination: NADRA, Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers Assembly 27th -29th August 2014

Brussels Kick off meeting 14th April 2014