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Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission using wastewater data to track illicit drug usage

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) released the second National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program Report (NWDMP report) 2017

In 2016, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission received $3.6 million in funding
under the Commonwealth Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to deliver the National Wastewater
Drug Monitoring Program over three years. The program provides a measure, rather than
an estimate, of the use of a number of illicit drugs, as well as licit drugs including nicotine,
alcohol and some pharmaceuticals. It gives us valuable insight into the trends and emerging
issues of drug consumption across Australia and can identify new sources of threat.
The findings presented in the nine reports will give law enforcement, policy, regulatory and
health agencies additional and more objective data on the use of methylamphetamine and
other drugs. This data creates opportunities to shape the response to both the demand and
the supply side of the illicit drug market, particularly in high-use areas.