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ADDICTIONS 2015 conference

As part of our dissemination activities Sara Castiglioni held a presentation at the Lisbon ADDICTIONS Conference 2015 – Lisbon, 23-25 September 2015

Wastewater-based epidemiology as a novel tool to evaluate illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco use in a population

The best practice protocol was applied in the first international European studies conducted over three years (2011-2014). The studies provided comparative information on the spatial differences and temporal changes in P1160767illicit drug use in large populations in Europe. The profiles of use varied greatly across Europe with a higher use of cocaine in Western and Central Europe and of amphetamines in Northern and Eastern Europe. The international application of the wastewater-based epidemiology approach allowed to quantify drug use more quickly and regularly than the current national surveys and to create estimates where such data does not exist. Moreover, the same approach was successfully employed to evaluate the use of new psychoactive substances, counterfeit medicine, alcohol and tobacco in different countries. The presentation can be downloaded here


Some of the other presentations delivered are now available on the Conference website: