Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe

Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe (SCORE)

SCORE will develop and expand an existing pan-European inter-disciplinary network, bringing together experts from relevant disciplines interested in the application and development of using the quantitative measurement of human biomarkers in sewage to evaluate lifestyle, health and exposure at the community level.

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There are currently 3 working groups, each with a specific focus and expertise.


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review: Mass spectrometric strategies for the investigation of biomarkers of illicit drug use in wastewater


Felix Hernandez, Sara Castiglioni, Adrian Covaci, Pim de Voogt, Erik Emke, Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern, Christoph Ort, Malcolm Reid, Juan V. Sancho, Kevin V. Thomas, Alexander L.N. van Nuijs, Ettore Zuccato and Lubertus Bijlsma.

The article focuses on the potential of high-resolution mass spectrometry. Different approaches for target and non-target analysis are discussed, and the interest to perform experiments under laboratorycontrolled conditions, as a complementary tool to investigate related compounds (e.g., minor metabolites and/or transformation products in wastewater) is treated. The article ends  up with the trends and future perspectives in this field from the authors’ point of view. Link

Webinar by Malcolm Reid: Introduction to wastewater based epidemiology

The utility of municipal wastewater analysis for drug epidemiology, food safety and environmental monitoring: From targeted analysis of biomarkers to non-target screening. KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Understand the field and application of wastewater-based epidemiology Discover the analytical techniques and technology that are essential for the analysis of biomarker in wastewater. Learn about future directions and analytical methods currently in development Watch the webinar here after registration

Interview with Kevin Thomas on the radio

"Europewide testing of public wastewater gets underway"FRONT-insights-WBE-EMCDDA

Interview with Kevin Thomas on the radio "RTE radio 1 Morning Ireland" Kevin Thomas, of the SCORE group, discusses the use of wastewater analysis to detect illicit drug use across Europe Here you can listen on the website of the radio station  Alternatively you can download the interview as mp3 here More background information can be found here on the EMCDDA website.